Cheers for my return!


It has been a while since I made my last post in this blog. By saying in a while, it means around 16 months. Never thought that I will have the urge to once again write. Now that I am feeling the energy, might as well give it a shot again. Since November of 2011, I went to several places already. I traveled to Ilocos, Bataan, Puerto Galera, Boracay, Baguio, Singapore, and Malaysia, among others. I initially thought about writing about these places, then I figured out it will be too tiring and hard to form a recollection of what happened during those trips. Instead, I chose to just start fresh with my travels for 2013, which will begin with a post on a travel I had for New Year.

I hope that everyone who gets into this blog, by choice, by accident, or by force, will have a good time reading my posts. I have already lost my creative juices, which makes it hard to write. Nonetheless, this blog is a bold attempt to write again and to share a lot of things. Honestly, I just want a platform that can be accessed a couple of years from now, reminding me of how beautiful life has been.


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