Puerto Galera


Though the main reason why we went to Puerto Galera is the Malasimbo Music & Arts Festival, we did no forget to check some of its most famous attractions. We stayed at a budget-friendly hotel near the beach, which gave us plenty of time to enjoy the pristine scenery that unfolds in front of us. We have not had a lot of swimming, but we had more than enough time to enjoy the sight of the warm blue water of the sea.


White Beach


The Sand Bar

Aside from the beach, we also went island hopping. For me, this is one of the best things that Puerto Galera can offer. Their snorkelling site is way better than that of Boracay. When we arrived at the snorkeling site aboard our outrigger boat, we rented a smaller boat that took us around the snorkeling area where we saw a diversity of marine creatures, including sea turtles, colorful fishes, and amazing coral formations.


Island Hopping



Another essential in Puerto Galera is the Tamaraw Falls. Although it is quite far from the White Beach area, this place is worth a visit. We stayed at the falls for about an hour and enjoyed swimming in its cold water. The Tamaraw Falls offers the perfect retreat – cold water, good view of the mountain, and a refreshing buko juice.


Tamaraw Falls


Loving Nature

ImageThanks to the new friends we met at the festival. Not just that we were able to save since we chipped-in for the expenses to and fro our destinations, we had a good time. Meeting new people is always fun, especially when you are in a place as beautiful as Puerto Galera!


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