The Lake Hotel Tagaytay


When looking for the nearest weekend escape, the idea of going to Tagaytay never gets old. It offers the opportunity to savor the cool breeze that is much different from what we have here in Manila. Tucked away from the noise and pollution of the urban metropolis, Tagaytay never fails to provide a relaxing environment without the need to go too far away from the metro.

Tagaytay is abundant in terms of accommodation options, depending on your budget and personal preferences, among others. During the last time we were there (August 16-17), we stayed at The Lake Hotel Tagaytay, which, generally speaking, was a highly satisfactory experience. For an overnight accommodation in a Superior Room with Veranda, we paid a total of 4,550. The original price of the room was 6,500. I used my Enjoy VIP Privilege Card to avail of the 30% discount. Based on the amount that we were able to save and on the good experience that we had during a night’s stay, I will definitely recommend this place to anyone who is undecided where to stay while in Tagaytay.


Upon entering the hotel, you need to take the stairs going down to the reception area. By the time that you have entered, you will see the grand piano and their swimming pool. The latter is partially covered by the hotel’s ceiling. On the left side, you can see the front desk and adjacent to it is the café. If you look straight from the stairs, you will see one of the best things about this hotel, the Taal Volcano. While at the garden, you will be able to revel by the majestic sight of the volcano.


The room that we booked has an area of 31 square meters. The room looks sophisticated and cozy, which is no different to other rooms that are found in similarly excellent hotels. Our room has a veranda, but offers no good view of the lake. The room is good enough for the two of us, although it can actually fit four. It has a bathroom with generous size, hot and cold water, and a shower area enclosed in a transparent glass. It also has flat screen TV, safe, and free Wi-Fi access. You can opt to have in-room massage. However, they do not have their own spa at the hotel. Once you inform them that you want a massage, they will call a third-party provider to send someone for you.





The rate that was given to us includes free buffet breakfast, which was served at The Lake Café. There was nothing really special about their breakfast, but I have no complaints at all since it is complimentary. The Lake Café offers a good view of the lake, although it is quite small. To think that they have a buffet setup for breakfast, it would have been better if the room is quite larger since they should expect that people will be moving to and fro the table where the foods are. The Lake Café is open until late at night, which makes it perfect for having beer before sleeping. We were the last people drinking at the café that night and the staff politely waited for us before they finally closed.

During the duration of our stay, I saw no one used the pool. One of the reasons on why such is the case would have been because the water is not heated. Another possible reason could possibly be because the location of the pool is quite off. All guests who are checking in and checking out, as well as those dining at The Lake Café, have the pool as the view. Therefore, if you would want to swim, expect that you can easily notice people staring at you.


There were some renovation works ongoing while we were there, but such have not caused any significant disruption to make our stay less satisfying. Most of the works were concentrated on the parking area and they are building what seem to me like a fitness center.

If there is one thing that I commend about this Mediterranean-inspired hotel, it would be the fact that they have welcoming employees. The warmth of their smiles can brighten anyone’s day and will surely add up to the satisfaction that one can have from the facilities that the hotel can offer. 


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