High Point Boutique Inn and Restaurant, Baguio City


Situated along Kennon Road, High Point Boutique Inn and Restaurant is most probably the best place where I stayed in the last years that I have visited Baguio. Initially, we wanted to stay in a hotel along Session Road since it is near where all the action is. However, given the short amount of time that we have before our travel date, prices proved to be high. Given such, we settled with High Point instead.


While searching for hotels online, I found this deal from High Point where they are offering a discount in all of their room rates. We booked a Standard Room for November 29 to December 1. The normal rate for this room is 2,500 pesos, but we were lucky to have booked it for a discounted rate of only 1,500 pesos. The room is good for two and has one double bed. I was expecting the room to be small, given that it was the cheapest that they have. Surprisingly, it has a generous size and it was more than what I expected. It has air conditioning, TV, comfortable overstuffed arm chair, and a small wooden bench. I asked them before thru text if the room has a balcony and they informed me that all of their rooms have balconies. When we were there, however, it turned out that there really is no balcony. I did not complain at all. You just need to open the window and you can have a good view and savor the cool Baguio air.



It has a small bathroom with a divider that separates the toilet from the shower. One of the major problems that we encountered was that the water pressure was quite low. Also, it takes quite a while before water heats up. When it is heated, it becomes scorching hot and you have to play with the knobs to set it at just the right temperature.


The Bathroom

Even if the room was at a discounted rate, we were still given free breakfast. You have to choose from four of their available meals and I opted to have toast, butter, and egg for the two days that we were staying at the hotel. There is nothing much that can be appreciated from this meal, especially as the serving size is minimal. However, it is for free and we got the room at a really cheap price, so I should not be complaining about that at all. Breakfast is served at their restaurant that is located at the ground floor and serves food and drinks until late at night.


First and second day breakfast. Notice the difference?

The location of the hotel is one of the issues that you might possibly have if you decide to book with them. It is located around 15 minutes away from the city proper, which was already quite far. It is ideal, however, if you are looking for seclusion from the noise that the city offers.

I was surprised when I saw that they have an elevator, considering the fact that it only has three floors. I ended up being more surprised, however, when I learned that the elevator is not functioning. To get to our room, we needed to take the spiral staircase, which was then beautifully adorned with Christmas décor.

Separate from the main building where the rooms are located, they have one big covered area where you can hang out and eat and there is another area that serves as the venue for the events that they host. The latter is a glass-walled greenhouse, as described in the hotel’s website. One night during our stay, there was an 18th birthday party being held at the said venue and that was perhaps the only time that the hotel was crowded.


View from our room’s window, staircase, dining area, and the elevator that’s not working!

In sum, it was an experience worth the price that we have paid. The hotel looks well-maintained, including the rooms. The employees were attentive of our needs and you can see how they exert effort to give their guests a pleasurable stay.  There were not too many people during the time that we were there, which makes it even better.


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