Alta Vista de Boracay: Why I Won’t Give it a Second Try


Alta Vista de Boracay

I heard a lot of stories about how people hated Boracay on a peak season, such as during the Labor Day weekend. While there are people who visit the island for the party crowd and experience, this is also the same reason on why others try to settle for other destinations, perhaps those that are quieter but as promising in terms of having magnificent sunset, clear water, and white sand. Well, as for me, I believe that there is one thing that will create a huge impact on your experience: your choice of accommodation.

If you hate being in a crowded beach but would want to have a slice of the best of Boracay, the wisest thing to do is to stay in a hotel that is situated outside of the busiest areas. In this case, one of the choices that you might want to consider would be Alta Vista de Boracay. This is where we stayed for our last night during our five-day Labor Day weekend. It’s about 15 minutes away from D Mall, but the trip to and fro the hotel proved to be a lot longer during our stay because of the heavy traffic due to the tens of thousands of people enjoying #LaBoracay2014.

For this trip, we were lucky enough to have booked during the Travel Tour Expo last February. We were able to get a Studio Suite for a discounted price of 2,500 pesos. The room was good for two and included a free buffet breakfast. It was big and has 2 queen-sized beds. I also loved that it has a balcony, which can give you a calmer view of the island, different than what we saw from the first four days spent at Station 2. The room that we had was at the farthest building from the reception. Luckily, you can just give them a call and a shuttle will be soon on its way to pick you up from your room going to the receiving hall.

Alta Vista de Boracay5


Alta Vista de Boracay6

Alta Vista de Boracay7

Judging from the pictures that I have seen prior to the trip, the idea of staying at Alta Vista filled me with excitement. I thought that it is going to be a good way to have a slack from all the sleepless nights that we will be having from parties left and right. The swimming pool, among others, made me thrilled.

When I saw the pool, however, I kind of got frustrated. It was smaller than what I had in mind and less stellar that what I visualized. Perhaps, one thing that made it lose its appeal was the ongoing construction sight that ruined the view. Below, you can see a comparison of the picture of the swimming pool from the website and how it actually looked like when we were there.

Alta Vista de Boracay’s Infinity Pool

Alta Vista de Boracay33

A booking at Alta Vista comes with an exclusive access to Puka Beach. Just set a schedule at the front desk and a shuttle will take you to a private beach. This is one of the things that compensated for whatever drawbacks the hotel had. While enjoying a cold bottle of beer, I just can’t help but compare it to how Stations 1 and 2 were during that weekend. For a moment, I almost forgot it was peak season in Boracay.

Puka Beach

Alta Vista de Boracay is a hotel that could improve in ways more than one. While it looks all good in pictures you can see online, your experience might not be as pleasurable. The buffet breakfast, for instance, is nowhere average. It was one of the most horrible buffet spreads I have ever seen. Food looks pale, almost tasteless, and as if commanding to be avoided. In fact, I did not even bother getting anything. I just had juice.

Improvements can also be made when it comes to customer service. It took us a long time before we finally checked in. To say that it was peak season should never be an excuse. The worst was that we had to climb uphill at 4 in the morning after having one too many drinks. We asked the guard if we can be picked up by a shuttle from the entrance but we were informed that we had to go on our own. This might have been tolerable, but not when you had too much to drink. Nonetheless, if you are traveling as a family or if you simply prefer to see the serene side of Boracay, you might still want to see Alta Vista. You might end up being lucky enough to see it in a different light.


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