Kookoo’s Nest: Your Private Paradise in Negros Oriental


If you happen to be in Dumaguete,  head a bit far from the city center. In about 90 minutes (bus and motorcycle ride), you will find a piece of paradise – Kookoo’s Nest.


Going down the beach would take quite an effort! 


Kookoo’s Nest is an intimate resort in Zamboanguita. There is nothing posh about the place, but it has a rustic charm that will surely leave you in awe. This tiny cove offers the perfect respite for those who are looking for a private getaway. Our group was the only one checked in during our visit. Except for some who would walk-in for a day tour, most of the time, we had the beach all for ourselves.


The beach and the restaurant. Our cottage is on the right side 


Perfect beach buddy! 


My good friend, Rhum, being lazy! We learned about this place because of him! He also makes awesome beer and cider. If you are in Dumaguete, be on the lookout for Birdie Num Num craft beers. 


Rhum playing with one of the owner’s dogs. 

During our overnight stay, we booked the Kingfisher Cottage. I was advised that it is the best, so I did not hesitate in having it chosen. All cottages are made from native materials. The entire resort only has six cottages and this is the largest. It has one double bed and the loft has two single beds. It also has a spacious balcony, great for hanging out while enjoying the view of the beautiful Sulu Peninsula. There  is no A/C, but this should not be a problem since you will be surrounded with towering trees and lush greenery.  I love how the cottage comes with well-designed ropes and pulleys, making it easier to open or close the windows and blinds.


Our unpretentious cottage is on the left side. No A/C, TV, fridge, or mini-bar. Loved everything about it! If you’re going to Kookoo’s Nest, make sure to book this cottage! 

Our bedroom. You can close the window at night, if preferred. 


Our room as seen from the stairs leading to the loft 


The loft


Beautiful morning! 


The balcony 


Still from our balcony 


Enjoying the chill life 

You won’t go hungry while you are in Kookoo’s Nest. The kitchen is the heart of the resort, which is staffed with people from the nearby local village. They have a decent selection on the menu. I suggest that you try their Nasi Goreng. I had it twice during our stay.


Inside the restaurant 


The view from the restaurant 


Nasi Goreng – this was my favorite from the menu. 


Grilled fish! Yum! 


Burger topped with thick slices of cheese 


Want beer? Don’t bother calling the waitress! Get one from the cooler outside the kitchen and update the list on the board! Each guest’s name will be listed and you have to list down any drink you will be having. Honesty system! Pretty convenient as well. 

They offer a variety of activities for those who would like to be active, such as snorkeling and kayaking. If you just want to relax, on the other hand, you can just lie on the beach and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.


From the left-most end of the cove 




Until next time, Kookoo’s Nest! 

Kookoo’s Nest is one of the best places I have seen. What it lacks in luxury, it makes up for in natural beauty and intimacy. This is a great choice if you want a laidback holiday! Heard a lot of good words about the owners, but unfortunately, they were on a vacation when we were there. Hope to meet them one day!