Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club: A Family-friendly Resort in Batangas


Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club 

Travelling for three hours can prove to be grueling, but not when you expect something good by the time that you reach your destination. Taking the easy route going to Nasugbu via CAVITEX, we all did not expect that it will still be a long time spent on the road. Nonetheless, hours spent sitting on the van with the A/C almost failing to beat the summer heat was finally rewarded with delight when we reached our destination: Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club. Based on what I have learned from their website, Pico de Loro is Spanish for parrot’s beak, which is the shape that is supposedly resembled by Mt. Pico. Pico de Loro is one of the 13 coves that are located at Hamilo Coast. The whole resort consists of a beach club, country club, chapel, condominiums, and hotel, among others. This will pretty much already provide you with an idea of how huge the entire place is. Traveling with a group of 12 people and without a member, we managed to squeeze ourselves in one 2-bedroom condo unit. The resort’s policies dictate that members can endorse up to 10 guests during weekdays, and 6 guests during weekends (provided that the guests are staying with the member). Aside from the condos, you can also consider Pico Sands Hotel for your accommodation, but I do not find this practical since it is quite expensive, especially if you are checking in as a big group like us. The unit that we rented costs 10,000 pesos for an overnight stay. The price, I guess, will depend on the policies of the owner of the unit. I heard from a friend of mine that they are having their unit made available for rent for only 8,000, which also has two bedrooms. Aside from the accommodation, you also have to pay 1,000 per head for the use of the facilities. The beach club, however, can be only accessed when you are accompanied by the member. On the right side of the beach club is the area that can be accessed even by non-members. Image Image

The clubhouse, which can be accessed by both members and non-members, is the highlight of the resort. Aside from the 3-tiered swimming pool, you can enjoy other activities at a fee, such as billiards, KTV, bowling, and kid’s play area.

The Clubhouse 

ImageImageImageImage   Image Image Image

The beach club also has its own swimming pool, but smaller and of less grandeur than the one that can be found at the club house. When I first visited Pico de Loro, this area was still open even for non-members.

The Beach



As you head to the water, you can see a warning informing you to be cautious of jellyfish. The 1.5-kilometer beach has fine brown sand and clear water. You can even see small silver fishes swimming with you. I do not know what you call them! ImageImage

There are several restaurants that you can visit when your stomach needs a filling. In our case, since we are staying in one of their low-rise condos, we opted to bring foods instead. The unit were we stayed has a functional kitchen that is almost complete with things that you will need, including utensils and rice cooker. If you want beer, you will also have several choices. We first opted to have drinks by the pool in the club house, but turned out that they close by 10pm. With this, we opted to have drinks at the hotel, which closes late (or they may be open 24 hours). One more thing that I liked about Pico de Loro is the serenity that it offers. Take a walk anytime of the day and you will surely feel one with nature. The views are not only scenic, but also very relaxing. ImageImageImage   Image Image Image

If you want to have a good view of the cove, you can head to the chapel, as seen from the picture below.


Pico de Loro never disappoints. If I own a unit there (which is far from happening), I wouldn’t mind visiting the place every weekend. It is perfect for families looking a place that can offer them relaxation and for groups of friends who have grown tired of the usual weekend parties in the metro. The entire resort was just so serene, reminiscent of movie scenes wherein the main character tries to commune with nature to find inner peace. The lush landscape and man-made lagoon will provide a picturesque sight that you might find hard to forget once you are back in the city.