2010 Destinations


2010 was a good year for me, especially because I have had the chance to visit and explore a number of local destinations. It was, of course, even made more special by the company of my beloved friends. Below are the places I have visited last year.

1. Bauan, Batangas.

With my then fellow Corporate Accounts Specialists from San Miguel, we stayed at Coco Hills Beach Resort. A quite ¬†quiet far-off place. One thing which I cannot forget with this trip (well, remembering is hard for me because I was drunk and all recollections were based on stories) was that I woke up wearing a friend’s shirt and used boxers I have worn the day before. That was definitely one trip to remember.

2. Caramoan, Camarines Sur.

This was a trip with my fellow orgmates from the Commerce Journal, the official student publication of the College of Commerce of the University of Santo Tomas. This is the inspiration behind the formation of the CJ Travel Club. The long trip and gigantic waves made the trip more memorable. The highlights of course included the islands (clear water and amazing rock formations) and the food. The trip ended with a day tour at CamSur Watersports Complex.

One of the Islands in Caramoan.

An old church in Caramoan

The Shrine. An activity I would not recommend.

At another island in Caramoan

Jump shot!

AT CamSur Watersports Complex

3. Potipot Island, Zambales.

After CJ Travel Clubs Caramoan trip, the destination which followed was Potipot Island in Zambales. Long trip. The island was not at all that superb making it not worth all the effort. We stayed at a nearby accommodation, Dawal Beach Resort, which is about 5-minutes away via boat ride from Potipot.

* Photo from Theejay Natividad.

* Photo from Melissa Sue Molina

4. Boracay

Definitely one of the best destinations for me. This marked my fourth visit to Boracay. But then, Boracay remains number one on my list of beach destinations simply because it got all in one place. I will definitely visit this island again. I was there with three of my friends and we got a boutique hotel for only 2,300. One of the best thing we did while there was helmet diving. Definitely, a must-try for everyone. Snorkeling site was not that good. Puerto Galera’s corals and fishes were much better for me. It was rainy when we were there so the waves were huge. A lot of people were into kite surfing. Of course, do not forget Jonah’s Fruit Shake. Calamansi Muffin from The Real Coffee is also worth a try. And 15 shots from Cocomangga’s which we did not try.

Milflores de Boracay

Helmet Diving in Boracay for only 500 pesos for 30 mins.


AT the boat during island hopping


Boracay’s shoreline unusually crowded with paraws.

Guilly’s Boracay

5. Baguio

Another memorable trip from last year. I went there, with four other friends, last week of November, so it was quite cold already because of the Christmas season. Not too much cultural activities were accomplished (against what was planned). Much of the time were spent drinking (even ’til 8am). Cafe by the Ruins should definitely be given a visit. 50s Diner as well.¬†Baguio is like Boracay for me: one place which will always be worth visiting, even for countless times. In fact, early this year, after less than two months, I was at Baguio again.

In Igorot costumes at Mines View

Cafe by the Ruins

At one of the churches in Baguio

Baguio nightlife at Nevada